Computer Science Vs Computer Engineering In Nigeria : Which Is Better

Computer Science Vs Computer Engineering In Nigeria : Which Is Better

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In Nigeria today, there are two major that tend to be scrubbing the screen and they are Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Both of them are are courses that belong to the physical science aspect of study.

So if you are a physical science student in Nigeria and you wish to pick a course related to computers because that is what is currently invoke, you will have two main choices which are listed above [computer science and computer engineering].

Computer Science Vs Computer Engineering In Nigeria : Which Is Better

So today, I am going to be giving you an in-depth comparison between computer science and computer engineering in Nigeria, as well as the possible opportunities and average salary.

Both are being offered in almost all ranging from Government owned universities down to even private Universities and while computer engineering are being a prominent course for a long time now, computer science is just trying to gain a solid ground in the continent of Africa.

So which of them should you opt in for? we are definitely about to find out, hang on.


Computer Engineering is that branch of engineering that deals with the manufacturing, manipulating and repairs of the hardware of the computer. In other words, just as civil engineers build and maintain building, computer engineers build and maintain the hardware (tangible parts such as mouse and monitor) of the computer.

It has being a standard course for a long time now even in Nigeria as computers are virtually used in every aspect of human life even in Nigeria.

To study computer engineering in Nigeria, the prospect must meet the basic and after which apply to the choice university to be considered for admission into the department.

[Computer Engineering]

In a country like Nigeria, you can’t be expecting to be taught like foreign Universities due to the lack of devices and expertise. So the basic skills that you will acquire include :

  • In-depth Knowledge of how the computer hardware works
  • Ability to build a computer (not guaranteed as it depends on the University you choose)
  • Ability to detect faults in a computer as well as repair it.
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Basically, computer engineers in Nigeria may choose to open their own company that will deal majorly with the importing and repairs of computer hardware (devices).

If you check the Nigeria population very well, you will see that there are equally a lot of people that have learnt how to repair electronic devices and computers informally, making the competition very high.

The only advantage of having a degree in computer engineering over learning it on the streets is that you could get employed as a professional in any standard organisation.

For instance, if you visit a bank or any Government establishment, you will find a lot of computer engineers employed to maintain the keep an eye on the computers the organization uses.

Come to think of it, there is hardly any standard organization that does not have one or two computers, even a local bookshop in my locality makes use of one.

Also considering the fact that computers are machines and they are capable of having faults, Computer Engineering will certainly remain a lucrative course around the world.


Computer Science is that branches of Science that deals with the building, debugging and maintenance of computer software.

If you are much interesting in programming and computer networking, computer science is the right course for you.

Having computers is just as important as networking them and these can only be done with the use of softwares. Therefore, the demand in computer scientist worldwide is on the increase and according to reliable data from BLS the demand in computers scientist is expected to increase by 16% by 2026.

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Skills To Be Acquired In The Course Of Study [Computer Science]

During your period of studying computer science in Nigeria, you will be taught a lot of things but the truth is there is lack of resources and well trained personnel so it is all about formalities with little knowledge.

Today, prior to this article, I spoke to a student who is studying computer science in University in Nigeria and this was what he said

is a total as you are only taught and forced to cram some of the theory aspect. I wish I have chosen computer engineering and after graduation or during my spare time, I can go learn software development in NIT (A computer training institute in Edo State)

Prosper Ebong

However, I am going to list for you what is on their aim and objective. They aim and skills to be acquired by studying computer science include :

  • Programming Languages such as html, CSS, JavaScript and a lot more
  • Maintenance of windows and Linux operating system
  • Data structuring and Algorithm
  • Basic level of cyber-security
  • Creating and management of computer networks

Career Prospect For A Computer Engineer In Nigeria

There are a lot of companies in Nigeria that are out there looking for computer scientists to employ and they can virtually work anywhere computer engineer c an be employed.

This is so because the two professions both deal with two sides of a coin, while the computer engineers tackle the hardware issues of computers in a company, the computer scientist handle the software aspect of the computers.

Just like the latter, A computer scientist can also choice to open a firm or better still develop and sell softwares.

Computer Science Vs.

Normally speaking, in other part of the world such as America, computer scientist are more valued than computer engineers due to the rice in value of tech startup companies that deal mostly with software and algorithms.

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Therefore, outside the Africa continent, Computer Scientist are paid higher than computer engineers.

However, in Nigeria, due to the lack of appropriate training available to computer scientist in the Universities, they are often referred to as half baked personnels.

Students who have completed a computer science program in Nigeria will most times need to go for some further studies in informal organizations.

So my advise to people who are yet to choose between computer science and is :

Computer Engineering as a University degree in Nigeria is more lucrative and useful than a computer science degree. Currently, I am a medical student and I have a couple of computer engineering students am teaching programming and coding related stuff.

The computer science departments is less than average, so you can study computer engineering and if you are still interested in programming and software related stuff, you can go learn it from any top IT center in your state.


Now you know what lies ahead of you in either part you choose to follow. Make a good course while following the adviser above, remember, this is CourseAdviser and we are dedicated to giving you accurate information so that you do not end up regretting your course of study in the future.

Good Luck.