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Nigeria Which is Better: Computer Science or Computer Engineering

With the rapid breakthrough made in information technology all over the world, it will be wise thing getting acquainted with tech, and what better way to do that than pursing a degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.

However, been stuck between two difficult choices? One that can affect well over fifty (50) years of your life, could be a decisive moment in anyone’s life.

This is the case most prospective students in Nigeria face, having to choose between studying Computer Science or Computer Engineering.

Been grouped together sometimes under physical science, there are often seen to be one and the same, but this is however not true.

Both courses are offered in almost all Nigerian universities however, while computer engineering is quite a prominent, computer science on the other hand is just trying to gain a solid ground.

Which would you rather opt for? Here your guide in making an informed decision.

Computer Engineering In Nigeria

Computer Engineering is that branch of engineering that deals with the manufacturing, manipulating and repairs of the hardware of the computer. In other words, just as civil engineers build and maintain buildings and infrastructure, so do computer engineers build and maintain computer hardware.

To study computer engineering in Nigeria, you must meet the basic requirements before applying to the university of your choice to be considered for admission into the department.

Skills To Be Acquired In The Course Of Study [Computer Engineering]

The basic skill you will acquire studying computer engineering include :

  • In-depth Knowledge of how the computer hardware works
  • Ability to build a computer (not guaranteed as it depends on the University you choose)
  • Ability to detect faults in a computer as well as repair it.

Career Prospect For A Computer Engineer In Nigeria

Basically, computer engineers in Nigeria may choose to open their own company that will deal majorly with the importation and repairs of computer hardware (devices).

Currently, competition in this field very high, with informal, non-certified engineers.

The only advantage of having a degree in computer engineering over learning it on the street is that you could get employed as a professional in any standard organization.

And these job opportunities are there, as there is hardly any standard organization that does not have computer installations.

Also considering the fact that computers are machines and they are capable of having faults, Computer Engineering will certainly remain a lucrative course around the world.

Computer Science In Nigeria

Computer Science is that branch of Science that deals with the building, debugging and maintenance of computer software.

If you are an enthusiast in programming, computer networking, information systems, or tech in general, then computer science is the right place to start.

Having computers is just as important as using them and this can only be done with the use of softwares.

Therefore, the demand in computer scientist worldwide is on the increase and according to reliable data from BLS the demand in computers scientist is expected to increase by 16% by 2026.

Skills To Be Acquired In The Course Of Study [Computer Science]

During your period of studying computer science in Nigeria, you will be taught a lot of things but due to the lack of resources, trained personnel and state-of-the-art facilities, you can learn so much.

Here is what a student studying computer science in the University of Nigeria had to say

Computer Science in Nigeria is a total scam as you are only taught and forced to cram some of the theoritical aspect. I wish I have chosen computer engineering and after graduation or during my spare time, I can go learn software development in NIIT (A computer training institute in Edo state

Prosper Ebong

However, the skills you can acquire studying computer science includes:

  • Programming Languages such as html, CSS, JavaScript and a lot more
  • Maintenance of windows and Linux operating system
  • Data structuring and Algorithm
  • Basic level of cyber-security
  • Creating and management of computer networks

Career Prospect For a Computer Scientist in Nigeria

With Nigeria beginning to grow in tech, there are a lot of companies out there looking for computer scientists to set and manage their systems.

A computer scientist can virtually be employed anywhere a computer engineer can too.

This is so because the two professions both deal with two sides of a coin, while the computer engineers tackle the hardware issues of computers in a company, the computer scientist handles the software aspect of the computers.

A computer scientist can also choose to start up a firm or better still develop and sell softwares.

Viability in Nigeria

As a backdrop, in other parts of the world, computer scientist are more valued than computer engineers due to the rapid rise of different tech startups dealing mostly in software and algorithms.

Therefore, outside the African continent, computer scientists are paid higher than computer engineers.

However, in Nigeria, due to the lack of appropriate training available to computer scientist in universities, they are often referred to as half-baked personnels.

Students who have completed a computer science program in Nigeria will most times need to go for some further studies in informal organizations.

These prevailing conditions have made having a Computer Engineering degree in Nigeria more lucrative and useful than a computer science degree.

Now you know what lies ahead of you in either part you choose to follow. We hope this was helpful and you can make an informed decision now. Good Luck.