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How To Check Your Phone Number On Glo Line

Being a human comes with so many flaws and one of them is failing to remember some things from time to time. 

Phone numbers shouldn’t be on the list right, but funny enough it is and that is normal but don’t get stranded anyways as there is an easy to get your phone number again without stress.

How to check your phone number on Glo line is a very simple and efficient tip every Glo user should have at their fingertips.

About Glo Nigeria

Subscribers hail life changing impacts of Glo Cloud – Business Hilights

Glo Nigeria takes the first sit in the front row when talking about cheap data and call rates among Nigeria telecommunication companies.

Apart from their massive data deals, the Glo network also has a fast response to USSD codes. 

And through their USSD, it is possible to retrieve your phone number easily.

How To Check Your Phone Number On Glo Line

Glo Balance Code [All Glo USSD Code] | Nigeria


If you want to check your Glo line number using the USSD code, dial *777# and follow the prompt. You can also call 1244.

This approach provides comfort and it is one of the easiest ways to retrieve your mobile number. It is straightforward and easy to remember. 

Follow the steps below, if it doesn’t work, you shouldn’t hesitate to let us know. 
  • All you need to do is start your dialer and call your Glo line 1244, whose number you want to check.

  • Just when you are getting Google’s activation code, a voice will tell you your Glo Phone number and that’s it.

  • Visit http:/ to also search for your phone number. Your number is shown at the top right corner of the website.


How to check your phone number on Glo line hasn’t been this easy. Just with a simple USSD code and you’re good to go.

We believe this article was helpful, leave a comment for us via the comment section and let us know just how efficient it was for you. 

You know we would always want to share in your experience. 

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