Is it Legit or Scam: Bitrypto Review [How to join/register/earn Tron]

With so many crypto investments these days, it is easy for one to fall into the wrong hands.

Well, here is a full review of Bitrypto, an investment platform that offers investors the chance to invest in Tron.

We all know that Tron was one of the most exciting investments in cryptography

Here’s Everything you need to know about Bitrypto and how it works.

What is the Bitrypto?

Bitrypto – Bitrypto Review | How to Make Up to 60,000TRX in Just Five Days -

Although there are several outlets for crypto investments that claim to offer you a high ROI, Bitrypto is not an exception either.

Bitrypto is an online trading platform for crypto that enables investors to exchange their money and gain income as a Tron.

In order to reduce risk, they claim to enable investors to trade with their money. As a result, investors will increase their wallets’ quantity of Tron.

They are a crypto trading agency, according to them, which is concerned with buying and selling currency pairs for the sole purpose of profit-making.

They also say that their teams are experts in the field of crypto trading and have experience.

Is Bitrypto Trustworthy

Before you consider putting in your money it is only wise to be double sure of how credible and secure Bitrypto is. 

Well, in most situations, crypto trading gives you a fair chance of winning or losing.

It is therefore natural to question whether bitrypto is a trading site that is very understandable and worth joining.

This makes it uncomfortable for us to say how long Bitrypto is going to keep dishing out the deal.

Bitrypto, however, is still fresh and you have a good chance of producing a reasonable quantity of Tron.

How Bitrypto Works 

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Bitrypto allows you to invest from a minimum of TRX 300 to a maximum of TRX 40000. Within 5 days, each plan draws 50 percent of ROI benefits.

Basically, you just need to pick a bundle, watch the growth of your investment and withdraw your profit.

The products provided to investors by Bitrypto are:

  • Basic Plan

  • Simple Plan

  • Advanced Plan

  • Premium Plan

  • Ultra Plan

  • Emerald Plan

  • Diamond Plan

  • Gold Plan

To participate in this scheme, you’ll need 300 TRX. You’ll get 50 percent ROI in 5 days at the stage where you purchase 300 Trons.

This means you’d make a profit of 150 TRX in 5 days.

Advanced plan

You need to enter this scheme with the 800 TRX. When you buy an 800 Tron kit, after 5 days, you’ll get 1200 returns. In 5 days, that is 50 percent ROI.

Premium Plan

You’ll need 2300 Tron to enter this venture. In 5 days, you only need to invest and gain 50 percent ROI, which is 1150 TRX revenue. 

Ultra Plan

You’re expected to have 4000 TRX in this plan. You’re going to get 6000 Tron returns in 5 days if you enter this package. That’s a TRX 2,000 benefit.

Emerald plan

To enter Emerald, you will need 8000 TRX. When you enter this kit, in 5 days you can receive 50% returns. This means that after 5 days you will receive 12,000 Trons.

Diamond plan

You will enter this scheme with 23,000 TRX and receive 34,500 TRX in 5 days.

In the next five days, you just have to spend and get 50 percent ROI, which is 11,500 Tron revenues.

Gold plan

This is Bitrypto ‘s greatest scheme.

You will need 40,000 TRX to participate in this scheme. If you spend 40,000 Trons, after 5 days, you will get 60,000 Trons. That’s a TRX ROI of 20,000.

How to Invest and Earn Tron

You can join the platform and start to earn TRX immediately. You should know that Bitrypro accepts only Tron payments.

According to them, it will be easy for them to deposit digital currency meant for trading that local currency.

As a result, you can only make use of Tron for  deposit

How To Invest In Bitrypto

  • Visit the registration page.

  • Click  “sign up” and create an account

  • Input all required details which include your name, email, username, and password.

  • Click  register to confirm

  • Login to your account with your details

  • Choose a plan

  • Fill in all required details, agree to terms and click on “place order”.

  • Take note of Bitrypto order number and click to make payment into Bitrypto wallet directly.

  • You will see a Tron wallet address. Submit payment and order details for confirmation.

  • Wait for your investment to be completed

How Does Referral Bitrypto Work? 

In addition to the set 50 percent ROI you’ll earn, Bitrypto also allows you to apply to your earnings rise.

For each referral you invite to Bitrypto, they give 40 TRX.

This means you can receive 40 TRX each time your referral invests in your referral relation for the first time.

Referrals Features 

For each referral, you will get 40 Trons irrespective of your package.

On the referral part of your dashboard, you’ll see TRY. You should realize that TRY means the yield of a Tron.

The amount of referral bonus you may withdraw on Bitrypto is not limited. If you wish to withdraw, the earning referral may be revoked at any time.

FAQs on Bitrypto

On Bitrypro, you can start earning Tron. They are a crypto-trading firm that is concerned with buying and selling profit-making currency pairs.

1. How do I Re-Commit?

You can remove your income at any moment.

You should note, however, that after you have re-committed, you will be able to withdraw your initial investment earnings.

By purchasing the same plan or some other kit, you can re-commit.

Bitrypto argues that it is important to re-commit so that investors can keep the platform going and secure.

2. What does Re-Commitment mean?

Just like most investing sites, re-registering here means that before you collect your earnings, you will have to sign up again.

In other terms, before they pay for your previous investment, you would have to purchase the same or higher package.

3. When can I re-commit?

On the 5th day of your previous investment, you can pledge once again and then apply for withdrawal.

Bear in mind, that before you remove your past money, you will have to re-commit.

You will not be allowed to withdraw if you do not re-commit.


Bitrypto is a network that can be entered to obtain an additional Tron. It’s fresh and you’re highly likely to make a good Tron quantity.

If you want to lift the sum of Tron in your wallet, one of the ways to do that is to join Bitrypro.

Hopefully, this Bitrypto review was helpful, however, should you have any questions related to this, dow well to ask via the comment section and we will be sure to respond.

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