Autosurf Sites That Pays in [year]: See Full List

Surfing the internet could be quite interesting, but how about making money while on the internet? Yes, it is totally possible.

Thousands of Autosurf sites have existed before now and have been seen to pay over time.

There are some distinct attributes on Autosurf websites, but they stand to have

Autosurf Sites pay their users weekly or biweekly from their PayPal accounts, so you would need to have a PayPal account before you can earn with Autosurf.

What Are Autosurf Sites?

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Autosurf sites are websites that bring people together to view other people’s websites as they are viewing yours; so to say, you just get people to view your website design and nothing more and they will leave after that.

While you will earn some credit when viewing a member’s website.

And this is always the amount specified by the advertiser or the owner of the website wishing to spend

Which is always directly proportional to how long you have been on his/her homepage.

The longer the time to be spent on the website, the higher the pay.

This practice of Autosurf does increase the website traffic, but to your very own detriment, as your bounce rate is going to be more than bad, and the average duration of the session will be also, relatively low, so to say.

Autosurf Sites That Pays: See Full List

These Autosurf Sites That Pay In 2020/2021 will be discussed in the areas of their descriptions, supported language, signup bonus, Changing traffic source, Geo-Targeting option, and Autosurf method.

Easyhits4u.comFree account 0%
Premium $7.95
Ultimate $19.95
  5% up to 20% referall.ENYes2:1Browser/SoftwareYes
10khits.comLightweight Exchanger
Geo-targeting & Scalability
Support Fanatics
Alexamaster.netAutosurf site capable of generating unlimited points100 creditsENYesYesBrowserYes
Rankboostup.comEarn 25% Commission. Add site to receive trafficzeroEnYesnoBrowserYes
Ebesucher.comIt’s Autosurf sites that pay. Earn while Autosurfing and reading emails. The minimum amount paid out is 2 euros.100 pointsEN DE ES FR etcYesYesSoftware and browserYes
Hitleap.com10%Hits commissions. 10%Hits commissions25%Cash commissions 0% on signup.ZeroENyesnoSoftwareyes
Ojooo.comHas affiliate program. Make money referring new people. Promote your website by buying thousand creditsENyesyesBrowseryes
Ojooo.comPaid to click ads and referrals. The minimum payout is $2Zeromany LanguagesNoyesBrowseryes
Feelingsurf.frEarn a commission of 10% for referrals.100 creditsENYesyesBrowseryes
Prostosurf.ru5 referral levels and add your site to generate traffic0 creditsRUnoyesSoftwareyes
Linkcollider.comEarn with referrals or affiliate programs. Create backlinks for your website. Using tokens you can get social media likes and shares0 creditsENYesNoBrowserYes

What Are The Benefits of 2022 Autosurf Sites That Pay?

  • In the sense that too many people will get to know and see you, they make blogs seem popular.
  • Get quick and simple traffic to your blog
  • Increase your website page views in minutes or even seconds, as some of these views are quite rapid.
  • Just in a few days, the good ones get to rank your website at Alexa.

The Disadvantages of 2022 Autosurf Sites That Pays

  • Web traffic is 100 percent bot (Even when human all behaves like Bot)
  • No safe assurance of traffic
  • You will not buy any of this traffic or click on any of your affiliate links.
  • If you do not keep it at 100%, it will increase your bounce rate.
  • Ads will not be seen on your website until ads can be disabled or banned when viewed.
  • Increases blog spamming chances

What I Should Look Out For While Signing up For an Autosurf Site?

  • Percentage of referral commission

  • Check if the website you are signing up with has a good referral commission.

  • This will serve as a good detector that you can make money by referring users to the website.

1. Dig deep to get the best

You can earn money by referring people to use Autosurf sites. Dig deep and find the Autosurf sites with the high percentage commission and Pick the highest paying site.

2. Region Targeting

A good Autosurf site that pays must be able to target traffic from a different source.

For example, you can set target traffic to be from the UK or any other country just as in Trafficspirit.

3. Autosurf Method

Depending on your preference. You can use the two methods to Autosurf i.e. software and browser.

4. Welcome bonus

Most Autosurf sites give credit once you sign up just as  in

So say, I know there are legit sites out there that offer the services of humans viewing your website and earning you money

But this isn’t common as you will get to see only the ones which are being dominated by bots and software which are only programmed to behave like humans.

Google Adsense and are two Ad networks that pick up Bot traffic easily online so it is best advised you do not have these Ad networks on your site while using any Autosurf site to drive traffic.

Difference between (Manual) human Traffic Exchange and Autosurf?

Categorically stated, the main difference between human (manual) traffic exchange and Autosurf is, manual traffic exchange requires human users to click directly to solve the captcha (If anyone existed) and view the website content and maybe stay a little while before leaving.

I love manual traffic exchange because it is real traffic and it is better for conversion if the visitor sees what they actually liked on your site, and reduced the bounce rate.

I recalled I started using G2 when I saw it on a website while I was manually surfing on

Over to Autosurf traffic or bots

Bots View Sites Participating in Autosurf Program.

These websites load after 10-12 seconds of viewing. The conversion rate is always beyond poor and it also harnesses an excellent high bounce rate (0% Stay on-site).

So It really depends on how you use an Autosurf site, it can be merely advantageous but I am sure of it to be a disadvantage to you as the user unless you are only focused on making money part of it.

Autosurf, when used carefully, can increase website traffic and improve page rank but this is only applicable to the ones who use human visitors and users.

Genuine hits on your website increase Alexa rank such as seen in the case with a traffic source I once wrote about here with what they do offer exactly.


You might consider making money with auto surfing and please recall not to use Autosurf site traffic on a website that has an ad network, such as Google Adsense or


That’s it guys, earn money easily while surfing the internet with [2022] Autosurf Sites That Pays: See Full List

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