Airtel Opera Mini Handler Free Browsing

Airtel Opera Mini Handler Free Browsing offer has existed for a while now but so far only a few people enjoy this deal, some of us thought the deal was no longer available

With so many expenses we have to deal with daily, data shouldn’t be part of it. 

Running out of data has to be one of the most uncomfortable situations in this period where everything happens over the internet.

Not to worry, in this post, we will show you the Airtel Opera Mini handler free browsing works.


  1. Android Phone

  2. Airtel Sim

  3. Opera Mini Handler

  4. Good Network coverage.

How To Browse For Free With Airtel Opera Mini handler Trick?

Airtel Opera Mini Handler Trick To Download And Surf Free Internet | Tech  Maniya
  • Download and Install Opera Mini Handler

  • Turn On your data

  • Launch the Opera Mini Handler

  • Tick: Remove Port

  • Change Proxy Type from No Proxy to Real Host

  • Under Proxy Server, type

  • Hit Save.


Benefits of Airtel Opera Mini Handler Free Browsing

  • Fast Browsing

  • It can be used even with zero airtime and data

  • 100% Free downloading

  • This Airtel Opera Mini Handler Free Browsing is not sim selective

  • You can just activate it once and it will be saved that way

  • The configuration is very simple to set.

About Airtel Opera Mini Handler Free Browsing: (4)Things to Note

  • It is not sim selective

  • It is still valid at the time of writing this post

  • You can use it to access every site on the internet

  • It is capped at 50MB per day


With the Airtel Opera Mini Handler free browsing, you can be sure to enjoy all of the benefits the internet offers.

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