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AIDE: The Reliable Android Programming App

The world is fast going digital and more opportunities keep springing up in the technological industry by the day.

It will be only wise if you get acquainted with any of the core tech skills and what better place to start than programming.

And even better, you can start right on your mobile phone if a laptop isn’t readily accessible for you. 

What is Programming?

Programming has to do with the act of writing codes in a way that controls the behavior of a computer (which in this case is your smartphone).

Such form of writing can be done in various ways such as; Java, Koltin, Python, etc.

Programming is best done if you have a PC (Personal Computer) because there are many software on a PC that helps to create Android apps with just a little knowledge of coding.

However, the absence of a PC doesn’t give anyone the excuse not to learn programming as the AIDE app has made programming with an android smartphone very possible and easy.

What is AIDE?

AIDE is the short for Android Integrated Development Environment; it is an android app that is used for programming.

It can easily be downloaded via Google Play Store for free or you can buy the premium version also.

The free version of the app has limited features and can only code a handful of languages.

While the premium version has many really amazing features. 

AIDE is really a reliable android programming app because it comes with an inbuilt lesson; a guide that teaches you how to create both apps and games.

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It teaches you both the meaning, use, and how to implement each code.

During the course of the lesson, you’ll be able to code your first game from scratch.

AIDE writes codes on both JavaScript, Java, web design, C/C++ applications, and lots more.

The premium version comes with a UI Designer which helps to save your time when writing codes.

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One of the advantages of AIDE is that you have the ability to test your project to know how it is at any point.

Unlike Android Studio where you would require an Android Emulator to try out your pre-completed project.

Why I personally like to use AIDE is because it detects errors made immediately as you type.

Whenever there is an error made on your code, an “X” will be displayed on your phone’s sidebar and then that error code will be underlined with a red wriggling line.

When you tap and hold the error code, autocorrect will be suggested and fixed at your will.

Now you under that there is a reliable android programming app and it is also possible to program android apps with your android smartphone Click here to download AIDE apk


There is all you need to know about AIDE: The Reliable Android Programming App.

Hopefully, you found this post helpful in kickstarting your programming career.

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