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Five (5) Best Apps to Make Money in The US

We spend money everyday so it is only normal we should also make money everyday as well.

And this shouldn’t be difficult as the digital space has been more than lucrative especially in the United States.

If you live, work the US or probably just on a visit, here are different application you can conveniently make good money from.

These apps were made to benefit both developers and it’s users.

Although you won’t earn enough to show your boss at work the middle finger, but it is still enough to get you some new cloths and shoes.


Best Apps to Make Money in The United States 

1. Ebates

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Ebates is a cash back app. They give you cash back for things you purchase as long as you do so through the app.

Although Ebate don’t own the things you buy. They are been paid in commission by stores for sending customers to their stores through the app.

Ebate divides the commission given to them for whatever you buy into two. One for themselves and one for you. Its a win, win.

2. Dosh

Dosh: Save money & get cash back when you shop - Apps on Google Play

Similar to the above mentioned Ebate App, Dosh app is also a cash back app.

What you’ve got to do is to just link your credit/debit card to the app and it will give you cash back as you purchase things, travel, eat, or pay for anything at participating local and national merchants.


3. Swagbucks

How to make money with Swagbucks in Nigeria

Why I chose Swagbucks as the third app on my list is because I really love it. I used it a lot and I still do.

Swagbucks pays you to do little things like watch videos, take on surveys, refer others, and many more.


As I told you earlier, these apps won’t make you become rich. You only earn little cash.

Whenever you refer someone to join Swagbucks with your special referral link, they get $5 sign up bonus.

If you want to make little money taking surveys, then I would recommend you try out Onepoll. It is a very legit survey site.

3. HealthyWage

Is HealthyWage a Scam? Can I Earn $1.269 For Losing Weight?

HealthyWage is a very nice app to make money in USA. This app is supported by the USA Government to motivate/encourage people to lose weight.


What you have to do is to bet a particular amount of money that you’ll lose a particular weight in a given time.

The HealthyWage calculator calculates your prize. Sometimes, the prize reaches $10000.

When you complete the challenge, you will be awarded with your price. But if you were not able to complete the challenge, your money goes to support HealthyWage

4. Instacart

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Last but not the least is Instacart. Instacart is one of the best apps to make money in USA.

How does Instacart work?

People living in both USA and Canada shop for groceries through the Instacart mobile app.

These shopped items will be delivered by an Instacart personal shopper (You). Instacart pays you for every successful delivery.

Xconomy: Instacart Bets the Market Is Ripe Again for Grocery Delivery


You can really make a lot of money with this app. You can easily sign up by clicking here.

If you search for Instacart online, you’ll always see Shipt along with it. That’s because Shipt is very similar to Instacart.

If you like Instacart, I think it will also be nice if you try out Shipt.

These apps are good money making in the USA, a trial will definitely convince you.

We hope this post was helpful to you. Kindly leave a comment as to which you prefer best.

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